[Free Blueprint] How To Affordably Recruit An Army Of Influencers That Will Get You SALES

If you’re selling physical products online in 2019, you’ve probably realised a couple of things:

  1. Building a brand is where it’s at.

  2. Facebook Ads are becoming more expensive.

  3. Influencer marketing is getting better results than everything else.

So what action are you taking in reaction to these truths?

Maybe you’ve started experimenting with Google Shopping, white-labelling your winning products or improving your shipping times...

Maybe you’ve started paying some influencers to run some promotions for you...

But what if I told you that there’s a way to increase your sales, generate repeat customers and grow your brand using a unique influencer marketing strategy that will barely cost you a cent?

We built a strategy that does just that.

And we've condensed it into a 37 page blueprint containing actionable steps that will show you exactly how to:

  • Precisely identify your ideal customer

  • Systematically find influencers based on this customer

  • Accurately determine which ones will lead to sales using tools & formulas

  • Effectively approach the ones with the highest sales potential

  • Easily persuade them to promote your product and generate customers for FREE

  • Subtly brief them in a way that allows their unique creativity to shine through and move product

  • Accurately track and measure their performance every step of the way

Our initial plan was to sell this blueprint. It honestly was.

And we do believe that there’s more than enough value packed into these 37 pages to justify doing just that.

But then we realised that the people who would be interested in our blueprint are exactly the kinds of people that we want to work with, grow with and learn from.

So we're giving our Brand Army Blueprint away for free to those of you who want it.

Yep - we're going to take your email address and yes we're going to send you some emails.

What sort of agency would we be if we didn’t?

But our goal here is genuinely to start a conversation with people who we believe are on a path towards success.

So download the blueprint, put it into action and let’s figure out how influencer marketing can start a fire that will burn your brand into the minds of millions.

Click here to download the Brand Army Blueprint.

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