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Your Templates Are On The Way And Should Land In Your Inbox In The Next 15 Minutes…

...but if you really want your calendar to look like this...

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Then you'd best keep reading...

If you’ve downloaded our templates, you obviously want to fill your calendar with qualified leads who are ready to buy your services.

And while the templates do give you everything you need to get started…


There is one unfortunate problem that no template can solve:

LinkedIn limits you to sending 200 connection requests per week!


This means that even the most effective templates in the world (which you’ll soon have) can only get you so far.

If you want to book hundreds of sales calls every single month, you need to send thousands of messages!

And With The LinkedIn Restriction, That’s Simply Impossible… Right?

Well, let’s take the LinkedIn connection invite limitation out of the equation for now and do some basic maths…


It takes an average of 50 sent messages to book a call using our templates.


Doing this right requires properly identifying the right prospects to send the messages out to…


So on average, you’ll be spending at least 5 minutes per message sent…


That’s 250 minutes or 4 HOURS per booking!


Overall you’ll be spending AT LEAST 16 hours a week JUST to hit your 200 connection invite limit.

And for all that work?

timepoor copy.png

You’ll probably only get 4-6 booked calls…



Sending messages on LinkedIn is simply not enough…

You need to be following up with prospects via email…


And via SMS too…


You need to draft comprehensive follow-up sequences that drive more bookings.


And the templates that work on LinkedIn DO NOT work on email or SMS.


It really is whole new ballgame.


Drafting powerful emails and SMS’s that generate a steady flow of booked calls is a skill you could learn, sure…


…but that’s more hours of work…


…more trial and error…




And less time focusing on what you do best!



As we’ve mentioned before you’re limited to 200 connection invites a week. So running automation through your own profile won’t get you very far.



You put your LinkedIn profile at high risk of being BANNED.


There are countless examples of LinkedIn locking accounts permanently for running automations.


And when you lose your profile… you lose your network, all of your contacts and access to the platform itself.



You STILL have to do all of the follow-ups yourself or figure out how to use MORE automations in order to do so.


And trust us… that’s no small task.


"But I can automate this all for myself using a plugin, right?"



It leaves you spending 16 hours a week on LinkedIn and even more hours on email, taking precious time away from your business...


OR it leaves you with a banned LinkedIn account and no way to reach your prospects ever again.


Either way, you’ll be frustrated, annoyed, time-poor and burnt out…


…because you’ll KNOW that it works…


…but you’ll wish there was a way to make it work FASTER!


Well, what if there was a way to completely automate everything and send out 500 messages A DAY…. WITHOUT using your own LinkedIn profile?



The Link Alliance is a full-service pay-per-booking service that builds you a virtual sales team to automate LinkedIn outreach and fill your calendar with high-quality B2B leads.


You’ll never have to lift a finger to land a booking ever again.

The beauty of our system is that it combines our internal automation engine with a skilled team of lead generation experts and you only get charged for booked calls on your calendar.

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With The Link Alliance you simply sit back and relax as we send out thousands of LinkedIn messages, emails and SMS’s a month to your ideal prospects...


And you only pay for what matters:


High quality scheduled appointments with leads who are ready and waiting to become your clients.


We handle absolutely everything for you:

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We draft your LinkedIn, email and SMS messaging based on our own winning templates.

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We identify your ideal prospects on LinkedIn and scrape them into a database (which you can request at any time).

Untitled design (2).png

We reach out to 500+ of them every single day by building you a virtual sales team.

Untitled design (2).png

We follow up with all prospects via email, SMS and even voice messages.

Untitled design (2).png

We add you into LinkedIn conversations with engaged prospects who aren’t ready to book yet.

Untitled design (2).png

We give you access to a tracking dashboard where you can monitor your campaign in real-time.

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We NEVER use your own LinkedIn profile so you have zero risk of losing it.

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And… we only charge you for the booked calls that land on your calendar.

If you want to flood your calendar with high-quality B2B leads, The Link Alliance can make it happen for you!


And the process to get started is unbelievably simple:


You fill out an onboarding form telling us about your business and the ideal prospects you’d like to end up on calls with.

OBP copy-min.png


Your dedicated account manager drafts you a comprehensive onboarding pack containing your tailored messaging sequences which you then review and approve.



We help you set up a connection to our scheduling software and generate a unique booking link which is directly connected to your own calendar.


We build out your virtual sales team and start firing out messages. You sit back and wait for the bookings to flow onto your calendar. You can monitor your campaign in realtime via your dashboard.

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It really is that simple!

We’ve sent well over 3 million messages on LinkedIn and generated 8,000+ bookings in the process so you’d better believe we know what we’re doing here.

At the end of the day, you have three choices…


You could do this all yourself and spend 20+ hours a week on manual outreach to grab yourself a couple of bookings a week.


You could use an automation tool, risk losing your LinkedIn account, and still have to figure out the follow-ups for yourself.


OR... You could sign up with The Link Alliance and leverage the years of experience and battle-tested strategies we’ve developed to flood your calendar with booked calls…

...without lifting a finger!


By now, you’re probably wondering how much our service costs.

We charge a one-time setup fee to cover our costs of getting your copy drafted, the avatars that make up your virtual sales team set up, and your dedicated account manager assigned.

This one time setup fee is priced very low, considering that:

Untitled design (2).png

We draft all of your LinkedIn messaging, emails, and SMS’s (getting a copywriter to do this for you could easily cost $3k or more!)

Untitled design (2).png

You get a dedicated account manager with 5+ years of experience who continuously optimizes your campaign

Untitled design (2).png

You get 5 tailored avatars that send out thousands of messages a week on autopilot

Untitled design (2).png

You get weekly reports and access to a comprehensive tracking dashboard

Untitled design (2).png

You can request your prospect database containing emails, job titles, seniority levels, company names, and more.

Untitled design (2).png

You are set up with our scheduling software which integrates directly with your own calendar

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We don’t make a CENT from your setup fee. It just covers the costs to get you up and running.

For the amount of work it takes to get your campaign up and running and maintained over time, a setup fee of $3,000 would be entirely reasonable.

BUT because we KNOW that we’ll make a profit by generating you HUNDREDS of booked calls, our one-time setup fee is just $699.

After that? You ONLY pay $50 per booked call that lands on your calendar.




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On this 15-20 minute call, we’ll take a deep dive into your business where we’ll discuss:

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Who exactly you want to book high-quality sales calls with

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How we can best tailor your campaign to get these people onto your calendar

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How our super-charged automaton system works in more detail

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Any other questions you may have

Totally Free. No obligations. No tricks.

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A Pay-Per-Booking Lead Generation Service That Automates Appointment Scheduling Through LinkedIn


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