Frequently Asked Questions

Is the setup fee paid upfront?

Yes - the $699 needs to be paid before we begin the setup process.

How soon after signing up should scheduled calls begin?

This varies a lot by the client but generally booked calls start coming through after around 14 days after launch.

How many scheduled calls should I expect?

This varies greatly by the client. Our top performers see 50+ calls a month, the lower performers between 5-20 per month.

Do I pay for no-shows?

Yes - but the no-show rate is very low (around 3%) and if you cancel beforehand you will not be charged.

Is there a free trial?

No - we do not offer a free trial as it costs us time, money, and resources to onboard a new client.

Can we waive the setup fee?

No - we cannot as it costs us time, money, and resources to onboard a new client.

Is there a minimum of scheduled calls I should expect?

Unfortunately, there is no minimum. Some clients’ offers simply don’t work. This is very rare but it has happened.

How do you ensure you reach the right prospects?

You complete a comprehensive onboarding form where you tell us exactly who you’re trying to reach. From company size to job titles to seniority level: you control who we reach out to.

What if I have a very small audience?

Then we aren’t going to be a good fit. Our system relies on large volumes to generate bookings so your audience must be larger than 15,000 people.

Can I target specific states/countries?

Yes, you can as long as your total audience size is larger than 15,000 people.

What are avatars and how do they work?

Think of avatars as a virtual business development manager for your company. They are profiles that are built out to represent your company on LinkedIn and all messages go out from these avatars.

What if someone replies to one of the avatars?

You will then be added into the conversation with the prospect and may take over from there.

How do I track my campaign?

You will be given access to a tracking dashboard that allows you to monitor every aspect of your campaign including connection messages sent, invitations accepted, bookings generated, etc.

What sorts of companies work best with your system?

Our system works across most industries but software companies, marketing agencies, and financial services companies are the top performers.

What is the average closing rate for your clients?

It differs drastically from client to client but the average is around 25% closing rate (1 in 4 calls). This is largely dependant on your sales team and price point.

Are there any contracts, retainers, or minimums?

No there are not. You can cancel at any time, however, the setup fee is non-refundable and you will be charged for all calls up to that point.