Fill Your Calendar With Potential Customers

We drive new customers by building you an automated LinkedIn sales team to schedule appointments. You only pay for booked calls.

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Get New Customers... On Autopilot.

Imagine being able to attract the decision-makers who matter most to your business… without having to lift a finger. 

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1. We use our cutting edge tech to extract a huge, targeted database of your perfect prospects from LinkedIn.


2. Our copywriting team builds you a tailored messaging sequence which goes to you for final approval.

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3. We build you a tailored, automated sales team that reaches out to hundreds of your ideal prospects via LinkedIn every day.

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4. You pay only for booked calls.

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Spend more time making sales...

Save yourself from the arduous tasks of lead generation and focus your skills on making the sale.

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Get Calls Booked Directly Onto Your Calendar


Monitor Your Campaign Through A Personalized Tracking Dashboard

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Get Added Into Conversations With Interested Prospects On LinkedIn

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Decide Who You Want To Reach And We'll Find Them For You

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Your Very Own Automated Sales Team

We use custom-built LinkedIn profiles to give you an automated sales team that reaches out to your targeted audiences and get them on your schedule.




Losing your account for sending too many messages is a real risk. We never use your profile so there is zero risk.

Your personal profile is limited to sending 200 messages per week. Your automated salesforce sends out 300+ per day.

We work with you to constantly optimize and improve your sales funnels to ensure that the results keep flooding in.

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“The Link Alliance gave us the edge we needed in the recruitment space. I had to hire 3 new sales-people in a matter of 2 months.” 


—  Neville G. (CEO)


Affordable Pricing 

Exceptional results.