10x Your Booked Meetings - A New Kind of Lead Generation

Get a powerful LinkedIn Automated Sales Team that manages end-to-end outreach and delivers meetings with warm, targeted leads. No monthly fees - only pay for booked appointments.

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Our Numbers Don't Lie


20 Million Leads Collected

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6 Million Connections Accepted


$100 Million in Client Revenue

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What makes us different?

1. Only Pay Per Booked Meeting

With other platforms, you pay for a monthly subscription that does not guarantee quality leads but does guarantee that you are spending more money every month. We've taken a different approach.


NO Monthly Retainers


ONLY Pay For Meetings

You will get meetings with warm, qualified leads that are scheduled straight into your calendar and excited to hear about your offering. You only pay per meeting.

2. Reach More Prospects Without
Risking Your LinkedIn Account

Using your own LinkedIn places hard limits on your outreach and puts your account at risk of being flagged or suspended.


No Use Of Your Personal LinkedIn Account


Our Virtual Sales Team Performs All Outreach

We build you a virtual salesforce that automatically performs targeted outreach on your behalf. This creates more bookings and as a result, more revenue. Plus, our system emulates real human behavior to give prospects the sense of having a personal interaction with your brand without you having to do the legwork.

3. End-To-End Outreach

We don’t spam prospects with generic or off-brand messaging. When we say we function as your automated sales team, we really mean it.


No Spamming Of Prospects At Random


Targeted, Curated Messaging That Resonates

We deliver a multifaceted approach to driving leads by crafting the copywriting based on the style of your brand, build out the list of prospects, and message prospects. All that is left for you to do is close the deal.

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Benefits Of The Link Alliance

Ready-to-close leads on your calendar, on autopilot.

Less Prospecting,

More Closing

Outperform the


Maximum Security. Premium Strategy

Eliminate the time and money you spend on prospecting leads and shift your focus to converting them.


Our strategy delivers leads that are hyper-targeted and meticulously tailored to your offer, so you can double down on optimizing your close rates to make the most of the meetings we’ve added to your calendar.

It’s no secret that you are competing with other businesses for the same pool of clients.


We empower you with the competitive advantage of reaching 10x more prospects and utilizing our proven strategy to ensure the meetings we’re booking are actively interested in what you offer.

Losing your LinkedIn account for sending too many messages is a real risk.


We use our own LinkedIn accounts to increase the volume of our prospecting efforts and remove any downside risk previously associated with LinkedIn marketing automation.

How To Get Started

The Process Is Simple

  1. We’ll send you a detailed onboarding form that tells us everything we need to know about both your business and target audience.

  2. We incorporate the tone and style of your brand to encapsulate your unique selling points and use them to engage your ideal prospects.

  3. That’s it. We’ll start sending you leads - all you have to do is prepare to start closing more deals.


Affordable Pricing 

Exceptional results.